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metal skip hire

metal skip hire in dorset

Looking to clear out your workshop or working on a renovation, or had the plumber in? Any of these activities will likely result in metal waste being generated and you will need to hire a metal skip.

How can I get a scrap metal skip?

If you are looking for a scrap metal skip hire solution, look no further. Fill our skips with metal and we will pay you for it! Our extensive selection of skips are available for delivery to any Dorset postcode, so no matter where you are based, we have the ideal skip hire solution for you.

Metal Skip Hire in Dorset – What I need to know

At GP Metals we can offer a variety of containment options for your metal waste. Skips from 4 – 12 Yards, Mini Bins, Battery Boxes and many more! We even provide customised containment options for our commercial customers. Our scrap metal skip hire service will save you time, help you meet your environmental obligations, and turn your scrap metal into revenue.

How long can I keep my metal skip?

The quicker the turn around the better! Simply liaise with our team at the time of booking and we will have the skip with you for as long as you need.

How much will I get paid?

The price is based according to the grade, weight and present material value. The moment your metal skip is brought back on site it will be weighed by our industry calibrated scales, after determining the weight a ticket will be printed for our records and a price attached corresponding to the daily price of the material. Just order your skip or container, fill it up and we’ll do the rest.

Call us on 01305 871666 or get in touch by email to for your free metal skip hire!

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