What paperwork will I need to scrap my car?

It’s vital to have the right paperwork before you scrap your car. You’ll need: 

  • The vehicle logbook (V5C) – you can’t scrap your car without this, as it proves the car belongs to you, and stops any unauthorised sales. Make sure you keep the yellow slip from it (V5C/3) and ensure you get a receipt from the ATF. 
  • A Certificate of Destruction (CoD) should then be posted or emailed to you within a week. This is a DVLA certificate that proves you’ve had the car recycled, and absolves you of any future responsibility for it. 

How much will I get for selling my car for scrap?  

Online car scrap valuations near you 

The easiest option for scrapping your car is to use our online valuation tool which offer you quotes.  

The price offered by Gp Metals are based on the car being: 

  • in an accessible location 
  • complete 
  • free from waste 

Also please make sure that the tyres are fully inflated and the keys are available. 

Refund on insurance 

Once your car’s been scrapped and you have the CoD, ring up your insurer and cancel your car insurance policy. You might be able to get a refund on any unused cover. 

You can also get a full refund on any unused months’ tax.