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Simply enter your vehicle registration number and collection postcode into our fantastic vehicle pricing calculator at the bottom of the page. Our instant and hassle-free scrap car quote service is free and intuitive, so that it’s easy to find how much your scrap car is worth.

How do i scrap my car?

Looking to Sell or Scrap your car? At Gp Metals we will buy any car!

Simply fill out this form to get and instant quote! We provide a flexible scrap car collection service across the whole of Dorset and the South-West of England.

Alternatively you are always welcome to call us to get a quote and discuss any questions your may have on 01305 871666.

Want to find out more about our We Buy Any Car Service?

Whether your vehicle is an insurance write-off, non-runner, mot failure, scrap car or you are simply looking for a quick sell – WE WILL BUY IT FROM YOU!

How can i scrap my car in Dorset?

If you are looking to Scrap your Car across Dorset and the South-West of England, then look no further!

Gp Metals & Spares is one of Dorset’s leading vehicle recycling centres based in Weymouth and specialising in the salvage an recycling of over 4000 vehicles per year!

We also try to salvage and recycle as many parts as possible from each vehicle to help other road users, so by choosing Gp Metals your scrap car might be a donor for others!

Areas we cover:

Simply click on our Sell My Car Page and begin the process today.

How do i get paid for scrapping my car?

Of course! We never charge for collections and we always pay you! If you are looking for scrap car prices, simply call us on 01305 871666 or email us with all of the details of the vehicle and its location details and follow our course to action.

is my quote guaranteed?


When we provide you with a quote, we make a few assumptions about the vehicle. We understand that the vehicle may have a mechanical fault, we understand that it might not be in the best condition and we understand that the vehicle will be complete.

Well what does complete mean?

Complete means that when we collect the vehicle, we expect it to be as it would be if it was on the road and therefore has all its major components intact and no parts missing. If this is not the case, please let us know and we can tailor the quote to you.

can i get paid more for my car?

We generally split cars into two categories for pricing.

End of Life Vehicle (ELV) – Vehicles that are at the End of their life due to wear, tear and MOT Failure – this type of vehicle is usually recycled for metal only and have little demand for parts. The price that  we pay for this type of vehicle fluctuates and is driven by a demand for metals in the world economy and commodities markets.

Premium / Salvage Vehicles – These vehicles are commonly less than 10 years old and have come to the end of their life due to an accident, mechanical fault, flood, fire or vandalism. These vehicles are often more valuable as there is much more demand for parts than their predecessors and we try to provide tailored individual quotes for these vehicles.

If you are un-happy with the price we have offered for your vehicle simply let us know. We appreciate that one size doesn’t always fit all and will do our best to be as competitive as possible!

will i get paid more for the fuel in my car?

Unfortunately not!

We often get asked this question however due to our recycling and dismantling process all of the fluids including Petrol and Diesel must be drained from the vehicle prior to recycling. Because we handle such a large volume of vehicles we are not able guarantee the quality of the fuel recovered and it is therefore sent away for refining.

what will actually happen to my car?

Providing that you choose an ATF (Authorised Treatment Facility) then your vehicle will be recycled in accordance with the  End of Life Vehicle (ELV) Directive.

The first stages of vehicle recycling are:

1. Depollution

This is the removal of all fluids and hazardous contaminants from the vehicle.

2. Dismantling

Upon delivery to the site each vehicle is inspected and assessed for its suitability to be used as a donor vehicle for parts. At this point all of the parts which are deemed viable for future use are loaded onto our state of the art Vehicle Dismantling System to inform our onsite Dismantlers that these parts will need to be removed.

Once removed all of the parts are quality control tested, barcoded, photographed and then located into our parts storage warehouse, comprising of hundreds of vehicle components from used car headlights, bumpers, panels, engines and much more!

3. Crushing

Once all of the hazardous materials, fluids and quality used car parts have been removed from the vehicle and it has no further purpose it will be sent for crushing.

The vehicle is pulled apart using a state of the art processing system known as the Powerhand VRS. This allows us to dissect multiple different metals such as copper wiring, plastic an aluminium from the vehicle to be sent for further refining leaving the Steel / Composite shell to be crushed into what is known as a “Bale”.

The metal bale is then sent to shredder / metal mill where is will undergo further processing before being melted down in a steel furnace.

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